How Does the Magic Jack Work? Check it Out

Starting the Magic jack

The MagicJack is a simple device to use and install. You start by Plugging your Magic Jack into one of your computers USB ports and Waiting for the options of installation to show up. There should be a pop up that you need to double click in order to start the Magic Jack Application. The Magic Jack should download its updates to ensure getting the best quality out of the Magic Jack that you can get. The Next step would include picking the area code of your choosing from almost anywhere in the United states. After you complete these steps you may have to restart your computer.

Completing all the of setup and installation for the MagicJack you will then find a phone of your choosing that uses a normal telephone Jack. You will plug the phone cord into the end of the Magic Jack which is and has to be connected to your computer. Keep in mind that the Magic Jack does use the Internet Connection. So you must have a working internet connection in order to send and receive calls or even have a dial tone.

Magic Jack PhoneMagic Jack

Calls with the Magic Jack

Calling out on The Magic Jack can be done two different ways. You can call out on the Magic Jack with your computer only if you have a working Headset / Speaker and Microphone. If you are using the headset or microphone on your computer with the Magic Jack you will use the Magic Jack Application’s Dialer. If your like most people and want to use your Magic Jack with a normal telephone then you will use the telephone as if its connected to any other phone jack. One thing to keep in mind with the Magic Jack is that no matter what area code you pick you will still have to dial that area code before calling out. For example if the number I received was 313-555-5555 and I wanted to call my uncle at 313-222-2222 then I would have to dial the entire number 313-222-2222. I wouldn’t be able to shortcut my phone call and call 222-2222 just because I’m have the same area code on my Magic Jack.

Receiving calls  Magic Jack!

Receiving calls on the Magic Jack is Fairly simple as well. If you using your headset you will click the accept button that shows up when calls come in. If you plan to use a regular telephone with the Magic Jack then just pick up the telephone and you should be all set.

The Magic Jack gets free calling to anywhere in the United States or Canada. Its starting price is 40$ and then just 20$ per YEAR. Start saving on your phone bills today. Get the Magic jack and talk to as many people as you want without worry about long distance charges or the amount of minutes your plan has.

The Magic Jack can be purchased Online.

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kayla says:

I was just wondering how fast does your internet have to be to make the magic jack work?

Michael Desbles says:

Have recently had my computer serviced, losing all programs including my Magic Jack. Attempting to reinstall and download after plugging in MagicJack unit. After several hours, stiil saying download in progress. My Magic Jack phone number is 407-615-4507. Thank you for you assistance.

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