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Who can I call free with my magic jack?

If you own a Magic Jack you can call anyone that lives in the United States or Canada for free. You can call from any country with your magic jack to the United states or Canada free.  So if you got your hands on a magic jack and you traveled out of the country to Indonesia or New Zealand you can call your buddies in the USA or CA free.

If you get your Magic Jack and the buddy your calling also has a Magic jack that will be a free call for both of you.

Who can call my Magic Jack free?

That will depend on the plan that the person has with their phone company. It will count as a local call if you select the same area code as your buddy calling even if your in another state or country.

How does the Magic Jack work?

It uses you internet connection to call people but your internet and your computer must be active and on. There is more information on how it works at

Can I use my Magic Jack to call to another country besides the US and CA?

Yes you can call other countries besides the US and CA with your Magic Jack but the international rates will apply.

How do I call outside the US or CA with my Magic Jack?

You will have to add funds into your account in order to begin calling outside the US or CA. International calls have to be prepaid.

I would like to extend my Magic Jack service how much would that be?

To extend your service for one year it will cost only 19.99

I have read enough Where can I buy my Magic Jack and get started?

Get started and buy your Magic Jack by Clicking the link or Banner on the page


lobna elhusseini says:


lobna elhusseini says:

Hi,i already have a maic jac .that i bought from one year .Ihave aproblem that ido not know how to pay the yearly payment,PLease tell me as soon as possible because i need to use it seriously.

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