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Magic Jack

call with magic jackWhy Use Magic Jack?

Are you tired of paying your monthly phone bills?  Does it feel like you keep spending endless amounts of money just to hold a home phone line?  Many people are finding that because they use their cell phones so much, it is ridiculous to have a land line, but they want to keep one just to have a number that is always available.  You see cell phones are great, but they go in and out of service, or you run out of minutes at the worst possible time.  It is important to keep a number available for emergencies, and for long distance calling to your friends and family.  Long distance charges on cell phones are extremely so no one wants to use them out of fear that their roaming charges will be through the roof.

Magic Jack is a revolutionary

Well, do not worry because Magic Jack is here.  Magic Jack is a revolutionary new voice over Internet phone that can be your land line, while not breaking the bank.  if you have not heard of Magic Jack before, do not worry, we will go over all of the details here.

The Magic Jack is a small device that has a USB port on one end, and a phone jack on the other.  You simply take the device, plug it into your computer, and your phone to the other end, and voila, you are done.  You can make calls within minutes.  The software will automatically begin to load, you will be give your very own personalized phone number.  Away you go.

Now here is the best part.  All you pay is $39.95 for the first year, and $19.95 every year after that.  yes that is right only $19.95 for the whole year.  Most people pay double that a month.  Could this get any better?  Yes it can.  All of your calls within Canada and the US are included in your years subscription.  No more worrying about roaming charges, or being charged long distance prices for calls within Canada and the US.  That will save you thousands of dollars in a year.

Magic Jack is also talking about getting an international calling package for as little as $5 a year.  So keep your eyes open for these upcoming new features.

Keep reading because it gets even better.  You know how the phone company gets you with all of those extra charges like, caller id, voice-mail, and call waiting?  Well all of these features are included in your yearly subscription.  Those features alone would cost you $19.95 a month.  Instead you get all of this for $19.95 a year.

Everyone is talking about Magic Jack and its amazing price.  You should give it a try.  For a limited time, you can have a thirty day trial of Magic Jack for free, just to see if it suits you.  That means you have nothing to lose, except that pesky monthly phone bill.

Magic Jack is the answer to low cost phone service!

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