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What is included with Magic Jack?

The Amazing Magic Jack

Magic Jack Shock

Magic Jack

You will be amazed at everything that you get with your Magic Jack service.  The savings are endless.  Not only do you get your Magic Jack device, but you will also receive many additional add-ons’ that any cell phone or landline provider would have you pay extra for.  Not to mention you do not have to count your minutes, or worry about roaming costs.

Magic Jack Perks

Most people are excited the most about the free long distance calls.  This is an amazing deal if you use your phone to call friends and family within the US and Canada.  However, that is not all.  You will also get caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, 911 services, and your very own Magic Jack phone number.  All of these add-ons would normally cost you inn a month what the whole Magic Jack system costs in a year.  All of this for only $19.95.  The savings cannot get any better then this.

There are no other phone providers that can offer this incredible deal, so go and get your hands on your very own Magic Jack and use your savings to get yourself a new pair of shoes, or something else that you have been wanting, but could not afford.

After purchasing your Magic Jack and saving on your phone bill you will surely be able to afford all the little things you have been missing out on.

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How Much Does Magic Jack Cost?

Cost of Magic Jack

Everyone knows that between your cell phone and your landline, you are paying an enormous amount of bills for phone service.  However, not with Magic Jack.  Now you can get rid of your cell phone and landline and start paying only a small annual bill of $19.95.  Yes that is right, a whole years worth of phone service for less then twenty dollars.  This is not to mention you get long distance calls included in this annual fee.  So forget about minutes and roaming charges, with the Magic Jack everything you need is included in your annual fee.

Whats included with your Magic Jack for this price

For $19.95 you will receive your Magic Jack device, which includes long distance charges, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.  Of course you will get 911 service, which you get with most phone companies for almost a five-dollar charge.  Now of course your first year you do have to pay a bit more, but no more then $35.  After the first year your annual payments are reduced to $19.95.  This is still a very small initial fee in comparison to any cell phone or landline provider, where you would normally pay roughly $50 to $100 a month.

Magic Jack Saving

The savings are incredible, so go and get your very own Magic Jack now.

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