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How Much Does Magic Jack Cost?

Cost of Magic Jack

Everyone knows that between your cell phone and your landline, you are paying an enormous amount of bills for phone service.  However, not with Magic Jack.  Now you can get rid of your cell phone and landline and start paying only a small annual bill of $19.95.  Yes that is right, a whole years worth of phone service for less then twenty dollars.  This is not to mention you get long distance calls included in this annual fee.  So forget about minutes and roaming charges, with the Magic Jack everything you need is included in your annual fee.

Whats included with your Magic Jack for this price

For $19.95 you will receive your Magic Jack device, which includes long distance charges, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.  Of course you will get 911 service, which you get with most phone companies for almost a five-dollar charge.  Now of course your first year you do have to pay a bit more, but no more then $35.  After the first year your annual payments are reduced to $19.95.  This is still a very small initial fee in comparison to any cell phone or landline provider, where you would normally pay roughly $50 to $100 a month.

Magic Jack Saving

The savings are incredible, so go and get your very own Magic Jack now.

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New Revolutionary Product Magic Jack

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Have you heard of this new revolutionary product that is on the market.  It is taking the world by storm with its low low price.  It is called Magic Jack, and it is really amazing.  Everyone is switching to it, and getting rid of their home phones.  It is because Magic Jack will not make you pay for monthly service.  Rather, they only make you pay one small fee of $19.95 to have a phone line with them for a whole year.  This is a great deal considering most of us pay around $30-$40 a month just to have a land line.

Benefits of Magic Jack

There are so many benefits to switching to Magic Jack, other then the great price plan.  Everything you need for your phone is already included in that one annual fee of $19.95.  that includes, caller identification, call waiting, and even voice mail.  All of these features would normally set you back what you pay for Magic Jack in a whole year.

The best thing about Magic Jack is the free long distance.  Included with your annual price you can call any where in the US and Canada for as long as you want, and whenever you want.  No more waiting until after 6:00 to call, or on week days.  You are free to use your Magic Jack whenever you want.  That means you do not have to use your cell phone to make all those long distance calls where you are charged a fortune.

Easy Magic Jack Installation

If you are not a big friend of all of this new technology, do not get discouraged.  Magic Jack is as easy to set up as…. well Magic.  All you have to do is plug your Magic Jack device into your computer using the USB jack, and then take your phone jack and plug it into the other end.  After a few seconds all of the software will start to load on its own.  Yeah that’s right no disks, or drivers, it happens all by itself.  Then you will receive your phone number form them, unless you want to keep a pre-existing one that you have.  After that, you are ready to start making calls.  Sound easy?  Well it is.

Try Magic Jack Risk Free

If you are concerned about the quality of the calls, do not worry they are great.  You will not experience dropped calls or out of service areas like you do with cell phones.  The reception is great because all the calling is done over the Internet.

If you are still not convinced then listen to this.   Magic Jack is offering a thirty day free trial of its service.  That means there is no risk involved.  You can give it a try and figure out if it is right for you.

So if you have not made the switch then get to it.  You will be wishing you had done it ages ago.  Just think of all the money you will save that you can put to use towards better things like new shoes, or that great new video game you have been wanting just buy purchasing Magic Jack.

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