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International Calling and Magic Jack?

Magic jack for International calls

magic Jack USB

International calls can be very expensive.  It should not cost you a fortune to call your friends and family overseas, and with the Magic Jack it won’t.  You have a couple of different options with the Magic Jack when it comes to international calls.  Magic Jack is in the middle of negotiating different international rates, to make them even cheaper, but right now you can purchase international minutes as a registered MagicJack user.  However, there is another way to get your international calls for free.

Friends with Magic Jack

If you buy a MagicJack device for your friends and family overseas they can call you free of charge.  This is because they will be given a local phone number, and so it will be like you are calling a friends within the US and Canada.  The more of your friends and family that have a Magic Jack device, the more calls you can make and receive for free.  This is an incredible amount of savings, when you think of how much money you have spent on international calling cards, or roaming charges with your cell phone. So this is just another reason to go and get everyone you know a Magic Jack device,  They make a great gift that keeps giving.

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