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Magic Jack Plus no computer required!

Magic Jack Plus — Stop Worrying About Your Phone Bill

Turn high speed internet service into phone service with Magic Jack Plus

The 2011 Product of the Year. It installs in two simple steps and can be used with or without a computer for unlimited calling in the US and Canada. And the best part is you can transfer your current number.  Learn More

Magic Jack

Magic Jack Plus


Get the Latest Version of  Magic Jack

In terms of common phone options, the magic jack has every little thing you would count on. Call waiting around, voicemail, phone keeping, and all the common telephone capabilities.

Magic Jack plus Setup

The setup couldn’t be less difficult. Subsequent the directions, I simply just plugged the device into my USB drive

be sure to push the device  all the way into computer usb slot.

plugged my cellular phone line into the Magic Jack and lastly picked a mobile phone amount with the region code I required

That was it!  Literally within just five minutes I was linked and in a position to simply call my wife with the great information.

I have had it for about four months now without having any troubles. Dare I could say a lot more, but definitely had no difficulties with it.

The elimination of needing a computer means that the Magic Jack Plus ™ will work almost flawlessly just as your regular home phone does.

Now you won’t have to keep your computer on at all times or move your telephone so that it sits near your computer.

You pay $20/year, no hidden charges. This is the explanation I adore this unit, I was when spending $30/month for my previous cellular phone service.

This is a financial savings of $340/12 months. Magic Jack Plus is excellent for the mother or father and family with distant relatives.

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Long Distance Calling and Magic Jack?

Magic Jack: end long distance charges

Everyone is sick of endless long distance charges.  No matter who you have a phone through, it adds up quite quickly.  Sometimes you pay $100 a month just in long distance charges.  With the Magic Jack there is no such thing as a long distance call.  Unlike with your traditional land line or cell phone, Magic Jack enables you to call anywhere within the US and Canada for free.  The charges are already included in your annual fee of only $19.95.

Magic Jack Long Distance

Magic Jack best phone provider

There is no other phone provider out there that can possibly offer a rate that can compete with MagicJack.   Just think of never having to buy another calling card or pay for roaming again.  You can get rid of your landline or cellular phone and switch all your calls to your Magic Jack.   That way you can stay connected with your friends and family all over the US and Canada with your Magic Jack.  You can get a Magic Jack device for all your friends and family so that you can stay better connected with them.  For less then twenty dollars you can make all the long distance calls you want.

The savings are endless, so jump on this incredible deal and grab yourself a Magic Jack for you and your friends and family today.

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International Calling and Magic Jack?

Magic jack for International calls

magic Jack USB

International calls can be very expensive.  It should not cost you a fortune to call your friends and family overseas, and with the Magic Jack it won’t.  You have a couple of different options with the Magic Jack when it comes to international calls.  Magic Jack is in the middle of negotiating different international rates, to make them even cheaper, but right now you can purchase international minutes as a registered MagicJack user.  However, there is another way to get your international calls for free.

Friends with Magic Jack

If you buy a MagicJack device for your friends and family overseas they can call you free of charge.  This is because they will be given a local phone number, and so it will be like you are calling a friends within the US and Canada.  The more of your friends and family that have a Magic Jack device, the more calls you can make and receive for free.  This is an incredible amount of savings, when you think of how much money you have spent on international calling cards, or roaming charges with your cell phone. So this is just another reason to go and get everyone you know a Magic Jack device,  They make a great gift that keeps giving.

Get your very own Magic Jack device today!!!

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Magic Jack Is All You Need

Land Lines vs Magic Jack

Magic Jack Phone

Land Lines are not as popular as they once were.  A few years ago everyone had one, just in case of emergencies, and as a secondary contact method.  However, with cell phones taking the world by storm, people became less likely to get a land line.  However, cell phones are expensive to have.  Especially if you do not have a land line to use for your long distance calls. o S now people are finally realizing just how much money they are spending on their expensive cell phone bills, and are considering getting a home phone just to cut the cost.

Magic Jack Your New VOIP Service

Home phones are not as expensive as cell phones, but you combine them, and it starts to add up.  So in an effort to stop all of these phone companies from taking your hard earned money away, there is a new great product that will be all you need.  It is called Magic Jack, and it is truly magic.  It is a home phone that uses voice over Internet protocol to work.  Magic Jack is a small device that fits into any USB drive.  You then install it by plugging it into your home phone line jack, and away you go.  You will see the software start to load all by itself, without having to deal with any pesky software.  Next, you will receive your Magic Jack phone number, unless you would like to keep a preexisting phone number.  That is it, you are able to make and receive calls within minutes of plugging it in.

Magic Jack is afforadble

So you are probably thinking that this thing costs a fortune, but you are wrong.  Would you believe that Magic Jack will cost less then twenty dollars for a whole year of service.  Not to mention, that this deal includes voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting, which would normally cost you twenty dollars a month alone.

Magic Jack will save you money

Another great benefit of getting yourself a Magic Jack is that you will not have to worry about roaming charges on your cell phone because calls within the US and Canada are free.  That is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.  Just think you can actually spend your money on things you like.  Perhaps you have had your eyes on a new pair of pumps, or you have been dieing to see that new action movie in the theaters.  well now you do not have to feel bad about it.

Purchase your Magic Jack Today

So go and get yourself a Magic Jack today.  You will be thanking me after you do.  it will save you money and time.  If you are not quite convinced then sign up for their thirty day free trial, and then you can see for yourself.  You have nothing to lose except that pesky monthly phone bill. So what are you waiting for purchase your Magic Jack today.

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